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Samson DK705 5-Piece Drum Microphone Set

Samson DK705 5-Piece Drum Microphone Set

A comprehensive drum mic set up in a sturdy road case, the Samson 5kit has you covered for snare, kick, and tom miking. A perfect way to grow your mic collection and start capturing live drum performances.

One Q-snare for Precise Snare Drum Miking
Designed for high SPL and durability, the Q-snare is specifically voiced for miking snares. A rim-mount mic clip with cable management lets you attach it directly to the snare's rim.

One Q-kick for Capturing Bass Drums
The Q-kick is a superbly made kick drum mic, featuring a cardioid polar pattern to reduce feedback. Rigid, and featuring a huge diaphragm element, the Q Kick sounds better than a lot of more expensive kick mics.

Three Q-toms for Dynamic Tom Miking
The Q-Tom was specifically designed as a complete solution for tom-miking applications. Capturing the deep low frequencies along with crisp attacks, it employs a tight super cardioid pattern to reduce feedback and increase side-to-side rejection in close-miking situations. The Q-Tom features an integrated mounting clip that easily installs on any standard drum rim, and carrying pouch.

Road Case Included
The complete kit comes packed in a rugged road case, ready to haul to your next session.

What's in the Box
Three Q-tom Microphones, One Q-snare Microphone, One Q-kick Microphone, Road Case