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PATRON AL16 AL-16 Alpine 16 PIN Radio CAR Stereo Plug Harness Universal

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PATRON AL16 AL-16 Alpine 16 PIN Radio CAR Stereo Plug Harness Universal

The right harness for the right radio:
Please be sure to review the application guide below for this harness as it will fit multiple radio models. This harness is a 16 pin model please be sure to review the image of the pin configuration and compare it to the plug socket on your radio to ensure it's a match.

Fits: Suits most Alpine car audio units with with 16pin connector CDA-105Ri, CDA-7865R, CDA-7873R, CDA-7876RB, CDA-7893R, CDA-7894RB, CDA-9807, CDA-9811R, CDA-9812RB, CDA-9812RR, CDA-9813R, CDA-9815RB, CDA-9833R, CDA-9835R, CDA-9847R, CDA-9853R, CDA-9854R, CDA-9855R, CDA-9856R, CDA-9883R, CDA-9886R, CDA-9887R, CDE-101E, CDE-101R, CDE-7854R, CDE-7854RM, CDE-7855RB, CDE-7857RB, CDE-9841R, CDE-9843RM, CDE-9845RB, CDE-9846R, CDE-9846RM, CDE-9848RB, CDE-9850Ri, CDE-9864R, CDE-9872R, CDE-9873RB, CDE-9880R, CDE-9881RB, CDE-9882Ri, CDM-7892R, iDA-X100, iDA-X200, iDA-X300, iDA-X303, iDA-X305, TDA-7588RB and many others. If you are unsure or if you need help finding an item not listed feel free to send us your question.
Plug & Play Installation

Simply plug and play installation
Clearly marked color-coded wires
Ideal for any aftermarket radio
18 gauge high-quality wire
Direct OEM fit connection
16 Pin harness

Application Guide:

  • Alpine CDA-105
  • Alpine CDA-105E
  • Alpine CDA-105L
  • Alpine CDA-117
  • Alpine CDA-117E
  • Alpine CDA-7862
  • Alpine CDA-7863
  • Alpine CDA-7864
  • Alpine CDA-7873
  • Alpine CDA-7875
  • Alpine CDA-7876
  • Alpine CDA-7892
  • Alpine CDA-7893
  • Alpine CDA-7894
  • Alpine CDA-78965
  • Alpine CDA-7897
  • Alpine CDA-7965
  • Alpine CDA-7977
  • Alpine CDA-7995
  • Alpine CDA-7998
  • Alpine CDA-9813
  • Alpine CDA-9815
  • Alpine CDA-9833
  • Alpine CDA-9835
  • Alpine CDA-9847
  • Alpine CDA-9851
  • Alpine CDA-9853
  • Alpine CDA-9855
  • Alpine CDA-9856
  • Alpine CDA-9857
  • Alpine CDA--9870
  • Alpine CDA--9872
  • Alpine CDA--9873
  • Alpine CDA--9881
  • Alpine CDA-9883
  • Alpine CDA-9883E
  • Alpine CDA-9884
  • Alpine CDA-9884E
  • Alpine CDA-9884LI
  • Alpine CDA-9885
  • Alpine CDA-9885L
  • Alpine CDA-9886
  • Alpine CDA-9886M
  • Alpine CDA-9887
  • Alpine CDE-102
  • Alpine CDE-102E
  • Alpine CDE-102L
  • Alpine CDE-103BT
  • Alpine CDE-121
  • Alpine CDE-122
  • Alpine CDE-123
  • Alpine CDE-123E
  • Alpine CDE-124SXM
  • Alpine CDE-125BT
  • Alpine CDE-125EBT
  • Alpine CDE-126BT
  • Alpine CDE-9841
  • Alpine CDE--9841
  • Alpine CDE-9842
  • Alpine CDE-9842E
  • Alpine CDE-9843
  • Alpine CDE--9843
  • Alpine CDE-9845
  • Alpine CDE--9845
  • Alpine CDE-9852
  • Alpine CDE-9870
  • Alpine CDE-9870L
  • Alpine CDE-9872
  • Alpine CDE-9872E
  • Alpine CDE-9872L
  • Alpine CDE-9873
  • Alpine CDE-9874
  • Alpine CDE-9874E
  • Alpine CDE-9874L
  • Alpine CDE-9881
  • Alpine CDE-9881L
  • Alpine DVA-9860
  • Alpine DVA-9860E
  • Alpine CDE-9846
  • Alpine iDA-X001
  • Alpine iDA-X100
  • Alpine iDA-X100M
  • Alpine iDA-X200
  • Alpine iDA-X300
  • Alpine iDA-X303
  • Alpine iDA-X305
  • Alpine IVA-D300
  • Alpine IVA-D310
  • Alpine IVA-D901
  • Alpine VPA-B222
  • Alpine IVA-D100

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