Absolute HLA600 2 Channel Line Output Converter High to Low Level RCA Adapter Amplifier Audio

Absolute HLA600 2 Channel High Level to Low Converter Line Output with Ground Loop Isolator Built-in signal Noise Eliminator

The Absolute HLA600 Adjustable 2-Channel Line-Out Converter is a line-out converter for factory radios with 2 to 50 watts per channel, accepts speaker level input, and provides a stereo RCA output signal for adding an aftermarket amplified audio system. It allows 50 watts maximum input per channel and has a linear 20Hz to 20,000Hz output based on the input signal. The transformer is isolated for optimal sound and performance. The unit maintains correct phasing and works with most factory-installed radios.

General features:

  • High To Low Converter
  • 2 Channel New Design Black Color
  • 2-Channel High / Low-Level Converter
  • Converts speaker outputs on the radio into RCAs to add an aftermarket amplifier
  • Reduces voltage of the speaker outs to put it in normal RCA operational range
  • red power 12+ input
  • black ground 12 - input
  • blue remote output 12+
  • Yellow(-)
  • green (+)- right speaker
  • Brown(+)
  • white(-)- left speaker

This product can expose you to, known to the State of California, to cause cancer. For more information, go to