ABSOLUTE 17 Ft 2 Ch Blue Twisted Car Amp Gold RCA Jack Cable Interconnect

Absolute ABC17B 17' Digital Audio Coaxial Cable Gold Plated Connectors S/PDIF 2 RCA Male to RCA Male

General Features:

  • Great for connecting digital audio components, such as TVs, Blu-ray, cable boxes, subwoofer speakers, receivers, etc. Also, for use with S/PDIF, subwoofer, digital or Composite video.
  • Copper clad center conductor, Dielectric insulation, aluminum braid, and dual shielding, for natural sounds. Low energy loss and maximum rejection of the hum/static from RF and EM interference.
  • Corrosion-resistant gold-plated RCA connectors also provide a consistently tighter fit than commonly rolled cables with wider tolerances.
  • A tough, yet pliable PVC jacket for sturdy durability, easy routing, and quick installation. A split-tip center pin even ensures high contact pressure and conductivity.
  • Blue RCA Cable Gold OFC RCA 2 Male to Male
  • Spiral Shielded High-Performance series
  • Can Also Be Used for Home Theater and entertainment, With Camcorders, DVD, Home Subs, Much More
  • 2-year warranty. Includes adjustable & reusable Velcro cable strap for easy organization & storage.
  • 2 channel double-shielded audio cable with turn-on wire
  • Rubber-covered, molded connector housings
  • 80% pure oxygen-free copper conductor
  • Double shielded with copper braiding
  • 22 pF per foot capacitance
  • 75-ohm impedance
  • Blue Color
  • 24K Gold plated RCA male connectors
  • Spiral shielded cable
  • Low noise special Spiral braid for maximum noise rejection
  • Oxygen-free strands ensure extended range and frequency response
  • Cable ends are Gold Plated for best conductivity
  • Highly flexible and blue-tinted outer jackets to add an amazing look and style to every installation
  • Precision engineered to maximize performance
  • These Are Perfect for Hooking up Equalizer's, Epicenter's, Amps, TV’s, etc...

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