8 Raptor (Metra) 20' Neon Blue Series RCA Audio Cable

8 Raptor (Metra) 20' Neon Blue Series RCA Audio Cable
General Products:
• 2 channel double-shielded audio cable with turn-on wire
• Pure oxygen-free copper strands
• Low noise braid and foil shield
• 24k Gold plated split tips and rings
• Blue color
• Spiral shielded cable
• Low noise special Spiral braid for maximum noise rejection
• Oxygen-free strands ensure extended range and frequency response
• Cable ends are Gold Plated for best conductivity
• Highly flexible and blue-tinted outer jackets to add an amazing look and style to every installation
• Precision engineered to maximize performance
• These Are Perfect for Hooking up Equalizer's, Epicenter's, Amps, etc...

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