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36 Rolls 2" x 110 Yards, 330 ft. Clear Carton Sealing Packing Package Tape

Absolute 36 Rolls of 2-inch x 110 Yards Clear Tape, Packing Tape 2-Mil Thickness

Product Description: High-Quality 2-inch x 110 Yards 2 Mil Carton Sealing Tape - package of 36 rolls. The brand new Super tape. Product: 36 rolls 2 inches wide, 110 yards long, two mil thick clear carton sealing tapes.Features: Most commonly used tape for carton sealing and ship packaging. The core is designed to fit the tape dispenser. Pressure-sensitive hot melt rubber resin adhesive. High quality, top clarity. Acrylic adhesive provides excellent adhesion in a wide range of temperatures. Instantly grips recycled, used, or rough corrugated surfaces and is a great product for box sealing and miscellaneous closure and holding applications. The price and quality are unbelievable. Each case has 36 Rolls 2 inch x 110 Yards 2 Mil tape.

General Features:
  • 2-inch x 110 yards heavy duty grade. -2-Mil Thickness
  • Clear/Transparent color.
  • Acrylic Tape has high-performance longevity, ideal for cold storage applications.
  • Standard 3-inch core diameter—common size for most tape dispensers.
  • Premium adhesive/tensile strength.
  • 36 rolls/case.
  • Excellent for both industrial and residential purposes.
  • Premium performance—resists breakage and seam splitting during application.
  • Smooth, unwind quality, and strongly seals to the surface.