100 Pack 12.5" X 19" #6 Poly Bubble Mailers Envelopes Padded Shipping Bags

BM Paper 100 Pack 12.5" X 19" #6 Poly Bubble Mailers Envelopes Padded Shipping Bags
#6 Poly Bubble Mailers Envelopes
Confidential – Completely opaque for content privacy and professional appearance. Carrier approved – Use for all of your shipments with all carriers including Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and more. Lightweight – Air bubble cushioning along with the polyethylene exterior material provide exceptionally light protection. Lower shipping costs combined with faster shipment preparation equals big savings. Easy to use – Prepare shipments quickly; these mailers are perfect for shipping a wide variety of items. High-slip bubble cushioning allows for easy product insertion and removal. Shipping labels adhere securely to the surface. Self Sealing (Just peel-n-seal)– keeps contents secure and tamper-evident and easy to use. Extra Tough Bubble Inside. Poly Bubble Mailer is equipped to handle the delivery task! Moisture resistant and tear proof, its securely insulated bubble cushioning enhance protection against the daily shipping process in which goods can be tossed around and handled quite aggressively. Ideal for electronics, glassware, kitchenware, jewelry, DVD’s and books; online retailers will indeed save money by decreasing the need of shipping articles inboxes. Flawless, supreme, and cost-efficient, you will find multiple sizes on our website that will provide you the essential options you need for shipping products
  • CUSHION MAILERS - With internal air bubbles protecting your contents, these poly mailer shipping envelopes provide great shipping protection during transit.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - These #6 size mailing bags 12.5 x 19 are very lightweight, which keeps shipping costs at a minimum.
  • WHITE/GREY - These bubble mailers provide your package a premium look when arriving at your recipient.
  • SELF ADHESIVE - The 12.5x19 inch packaging features a self-sealing peel-off strip that allows for super quick closing with no need for tape.
  • WATERPROOF - These mailers keep your contents safe from water. Being waterproof, you can have peace of mind that your products will not get wet if left out in the elements by the logistics carrier. The envelope makes shipping DVDs, clothes, t-shirts, fabrics, odd-shaped items, scarves, accessories, etc very easy.

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